Our Mission

We are transforming how people can access physiotherapy treatment around the world, and give everyone a equal chance of staying on top of their physical problems.
We are creating a new kind of experience.

Our Story

We have noticed people are searching answers for their pains & aches on Google all the time. And we thought how good would it be if we can give evidenced based physiotherapy treatment for anyone with internet, it is kinda like bringing thousands of experienced doctors and physiotherapists to a person's front door and help him/her to solve her pains and aches. Physionext2u aims to give that experience to every one of our clients.

Antony Lung

Hi, I am the Founder and Physiotherapist of Physionext2u. I believe my mission is to help as many people to regain their health & quality of life as I can, by utilizing technology and my expertise in the field.

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