How Online Physio can help during COVID-19?

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Have you been seeing physiotherapist for your injury or conditions for a while?

Are you experiencing pain or functional limitations?

But COVID-19 has stopped you visiting your physiotherapist...

And you wonder what should you do to help yourself?

#onlinephysio might be your savior at this time!

So HOW can physiotherapy happens online? you might ask.

I'll try to give some examples in this article, mainly in my field in Musculoskeletal, and lightly touch on other fields as well.

As a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist we would like to give a holistic treatment that provides Short term relief and Long term results.

During my day in clinic, I see patient with neck, shoulders, elbow, lower back, knee and ankle pain most often, with these conditions they usually have problems either from their muscles, ligaments, joints, nerve or movement patterns and habits.

So WHAT online physio can provides with our expertise and problem solving skills?

Muscle problems > We can help you identify the problematic muscle, and teach you to use trigger ball, foam roller, the right topical agents, and different massaging techniques for Short term relief; then personalize a exercise program for you to regain flexibility and strength in order to achieve your Long term Goals.

Ligament problems > We can help you identify the injured ligament, and advice you on acute management, what brace you need, and what movements to avoid for Short term relief; then again with personalize ex